Wednesday, July 6, 2016
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VIDEO: Lelaki ini bertindak ganas mer#g0l wanita yang sedang pakai baju dalam tandas, namun cuba lihat 4 foto selanjutnya apa terjadi kepada tubuh si lelaki selepas itu amat mengerikan

After the incident with Prof. assailant wrestled a girl in the bathroom Vending Bangna Bangkok is well publicized that. Last page Shannon “OneShin” Wiratchai / Pat hit a flawless finish to post a clip of how the girl escaped from criminals trying to knead it, however, by stating that the dangers of the women are around. As we have seen in the news a lot. And several times against the ousted is not a solution.

The defense did not contest it. Not overcome In a bad situation, and the implacable defense of the timing is right, it is a very good way. Like Roses To encourage people to reach out to catcher. I knew it was a trap prickling hands … then the rest is up to your own clutch. That would prevent a lovely rose with thorns. Or would like to put mine on.

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